27.05.16 Garden Museum Classroom

Drawing by Forbes Massie

TSS Ltd has become the first sponsor of the new Garden Museum Classroom. The classroom will be a unique facility in central London: a state of the art learning space equipped for scientific study.

The Garden Museum is currently undergoing a £7.5 million redevelopment project which will restore the ancient structure of St Mary-at-Lambeth Church and include two new learning spaces, one of these is the classroom. The museum will re-open in spring 2017 with the Garden Museum Classroom that will allow thousands of children each year to learn about the beauty, intrigue and value of plants.

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18.11.15 Le Jardin Secret, Marrakech - VI

Photo by Tom Stuart-Smith Ltd

In late October we visited the garden to check on the establishment of the recent planting and to set out some additional plants. Most plants have thrived over the summer with the exotic garden in particular starting to take shape. A final phase of planting will take place in December or early January when the last remaining construction zones have been completed. The garden is expected to open to the public in spring 2016.

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10.11.15 Private garden in Kent

Photo by Tom Stuart-Smith Ltd

This garden surrounds a commercial property in Kent. The garden covers 15 acres including vast swathes of perennial planting, a restaurant courtyard, a North American prairie, a native wildflower meadow, a large area of woodland with extensive understory planting and ornamental ponds.

Completed in 2012, over 70,000 plants were added and approximately 100 semi mature trees planted throughout. The prairie was established from seed using a mix designed by professor James Hitchmough, who was also responsible for the prairie planting around the London 2012 Olympic stadium. The gardens provide a tranquil environment for the employees of the company and visitors to the site.

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26.10.15 The Hepworth Wakefield

Photo by Tom Stuart-Smith Ltd

We were recently invited to submit a proposal for a new garden at The Hepworth Wakefield which has been shortlisted alongside three other landscape design practices.

Our proposal is for a new garden that is modern, romantic response to a diverse and sophisticated urban setting. The site brings together the drama of the riverside setting, the robust industrial heritage of Wakefield and the angular sculptural form of the Hepworth gallery.

The garden proposal does not aim directly to reflect either the work of Barbara Hepworth or David Chipperfield. Instead it proposes a distinct sculptural environment which adds another layer to this complex composition. Its design echoes the fractured, angular quality of the building but imbues this with an overriding naturalism which reflects Hepworth’s deeply felt connection with landscape.

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01.09.15 New Prairie Beds II

Photo by Andrew Johnstone

The prairie beds in the walled garden in the Cotswolds show signs of healthy plant growth. Nevertheless shady areas, such as beneath the apple tree, still need extra attention and might be reseeded to ensure maximum plant coverage.

The prairie plants will reach above waist height in the first season and above head height in the second season.

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