27.04.15 Avebury, Silbury & White Horse Hill

Photo by Tom Stuart-Smith

A brief visit to Avebury in the drizzle. It is an astonishing place and remarkable the way that the village was built in amongst the stones, but the traffic which is a lot more intrusive than I remember it. Crossing the village high street, I had to wait at least a minute for a break in the incessant stream of commuter cars.

– Tom Stuart-Smith

Silbury Hill, just a short walk away is like an enormous up-ended pudding basin of green in the landscape. Like Avebury, very compromised by a road in this case the A4. Hard to imagine that this one will ever go underground though.

Last time I visited White Horse Hill the whole site was enshrouded in mist and while it was very moody, I could not see much at all. Today, complete crystal. Walking over this place I feel I am on the surface of something very animate.

– Tom Stuart-Smith

Sheep terraces in the manger.

Part of the horse. You can only see part of it at any one time when you are close.

Uffington Castle is at the summit of Whitehorse Hill and is a rare example of a large Iron Age fort. Built between the 7-8th century BC.

Looking down into the manger.