14.04.16 Garden in Somerset

Photo by Tom Stuart-Smith Ltd

On a warm day in early October we paid a visit to a garden we have been working on for the past few years, a private garden based in Somerset. View over the restored fish pond back to the house.

Particularly with the planting around the pool in the walled garden there was a fine sense of late summer; soft lavanders, blues and pinks of nepeta, perovskia and echinacea balancing the emergent dusky reds, yellows and russets of turning euphorbia, panicum and amsonia foliage.

Against the green house pink and white cosmos has seeded prolifically through gaura and Rosa odorata ‘Mutabilis’.

The garden to the north of the house was created around a relocated vase. The layout is based on the 18th century configuration but replanted as a rose garden.