27.05.16 Garden Museum Classroom

Drawing by Forbes Massie

TSS Ltd has become the first sponsor of the new Garden Museum Classroom. The classroom will be a unique facility in central London: a state of the art learning space equipped for scientific study.

The Garden Museum is currently undergoing a £7.5 million redevelopment project which will restore the ancient structure of St Mary-at-Lambeth Church and include two new learning spaces, one of these is the classroom. The museum will re-open in spring 2017 with the Garden Museum Classroom that will allow thousands of children each year to learn about the beauty, intrigue and value of plants.

Drawing by Forbes Massie

To date the Garden Museum has received almost 90% of the total project cost, but they are still looking for donors who will be able to contribute £5,000 each to help build the Garden Museum Classroom.

If you would like to become a supporter or discuss the project further, please contact Kezia Evans from the Garden Museum at kezia@gardenmuseum.org.uk

To find out more about the Garden Museum and its Development Project please visit their website: www.gardenmuseum.org.uk.