18.10.17 Le Jardin Secret visit

Photo by Tom Stuart-Smith Ltd

Earlier this week Tom and Ed spent a couple of days in Marrakech visiting Le Jardin Secret.

There has been vigorous plant growth in the exotic garden and much of the editing this time was focused on controlling some of the more rampant species. We've also had to adapt some of the planting to the new areas of shade brought about by the tree canopy growth.

Above a view past the bulging Brachychitons and a Yucca rostrata, over Agaves, Melianthus and a Clerodendrum philippinum

Two of the gardening team, led by Rashid on the left, who worked hard clearing, pruning and planting during our visit.

All the new plants came from Palm Orchids (previously Casa Botanica), an organically run nursery just outside of Marrakech.