25.10.14 Moroccan Nursery Visit

Photo by Tom Stuart-Smith Ltd

During our recent trip to Morocco we visited a number of nurseries and orchards to select the fruit trees and plants we intend to use in the Secret Garden of Marrakech.

The nurseries are located outside Marrakech and Casablanca. The olive trees, pictured in this image, have been selected from a field at the base of the Atlas mountains.

We selected 16 no. olive trees approximately 4m tall x 4-5m wide. The olives will be planted down the north and south sides of the larger courtyard.

A rather beautiful part of the nursery in Casablanca. Alternating rows of Royal palms (Roystonea regia) and Miniature date palms (Phoenix roebelenii) interplanted with Agave vilmoriniana.

This part of the nursery included a mix of palms and agaves as well as the Madagascan elephant ear Kalanchoe (Kalanchoe beharensis) in the foreground.

Entering the cactus tunnel through 5-6m tall Euphorbia ingens.

A 100 year old Dracaena draco growing in the private garden of the nursery owner.

A Ficus rubiginosa growing over the entrance to the garden. This is the same species of Ficus that grows over the Khmer temples surrounding Angkor Wat in Cambodia.