04.02.15 Planting along the Waterways of Kerala

Photo by Tom Stuart-Smith Ltd

We have been working with Studio Mumbai on a long term project to develop the landscape around a collection of residential buildings located on the waterways near Kottayam in Kerala, India. The project has involved the installation of large water tanks and canals that connect to the river to cope with the inundation of water during the monsoon season. Early phases of the project focussed on the establishment of perimeter planting of which has matured well.

A combination of Torch gingers, bamboo and ferns have been planted among the existing trees along the main drive.

A plot within the vegetable garden filled with Basil.

Granite stone paving has been used on pathways and terraces.

Setting out planting by the side of the pool with the central water tank in the background.

The view from the first floor of the house under construction.

Transporting a Plumera to be planted on the terrace.

Stonemasons work on cutting and carving before setting out the granite stone paving.

Planting set out next to the pool building.

Keep checking the blog for further updates on this project.