02.07.15 Spanish Wildflower Garden

Photo by Peter Sisseck

We have been working for celebrated biodynamic winemaker Peter Sisseck in the Duero valley of central Spain for several years, applying the same ideas used in the vineyard to making a garden on a very dry slope above the river valley where he has built a new house and farm by Henning Larsen Architects. We have made a garden that really disappears into the landscape. All the plants have been small, very little fertiliser or soil has been used and almost all the plants are of native origin. We planted a matrix of native shrubs around the house and oversowed with a mix of native and other mediterranean species. Achilleas, Anthemis, Dianthus, Salvias and Anchusa. The seed mix was created by Nigel Dunnett and this summer it flowered for the first time.

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