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Cannon Street ‘Pocket’ Garden

A pocket garden mainly of birch trees in the heart of London, in between St Nicholas Cole Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral. The former is dedicated to St Nicholas of Myra, the patron saint of Fishermen and in Elizabethan times there was an important fish market here.

An organic web of interweaving paths divides the space, allowing for the creation of a variety of intimate and open spaces. The birch trees allow for delicate filtering of views across the garden. And in winter act as bright white sculptures. And a solitary pin oak as a connection between the garden and the predominant street trees on Distaff Lane. The garden is meant to read as a small cluster of trees, rather like a copse.

An existing sculpture of Icarus by Michael Ayrton was relocated to the middle of the garden. And a water wall inspired by fish scales acts as a bookend to the garden.

The garden was opened to the public in 2019.