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Chelsea 2010

The Laurent-Perrier Garden

For this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Tom designed a modern garden of subtle and varying texture that was both completely modern and intensely romantic.

As its centrepiece, it featured an elegant bronze Pavilion, designed by award winning architect Jamie Fobert (www.jamiefobertarchitects.com) and constructed from folded sheets of patinated copper. The sculpture of the Pavilion contrasted with the purity and naturalism of its surroundings - an elongated pool of water, richly textural natural stone, curving pathways and vibrant spring woodland planting.

The planting itself consisted of three separate elements: a grove of Betula nigra, with its attractive peeling copper bark reflecting the colour of the Pavilion, two hedges of cloud-pruned Buxus sempervirens which encloses the garden further, and under planting of woodland flowers, dominated by grasses, Euphorbias, blue Iris sibirica and fresh white flowers.