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Jellicoe Gardens

King's Cross, London

Tom Stuart-Smith Ltd were commissioned by Argent to work with them and the Aga Khan development network to design a garden that reflects the Persian tradition of garden design.

The Jellicoe Gardens is one of a number of public squares and gardens at King’s Cross that form a coherent collection of linked green spaces defined by their diversity and quality.

This garden has functional similarities to the typology of a traditional London residential square, but its design and layout sets it apart as it draws inspiration dating back to 16th century Persian garden traditions. It will be a garden that celebrates the unique traditions of geometry, enclosure, symmetry and an axial arrangement of water, emanating from a central pavilion. The pavilion provides a visual focal point and takes inspiration from the tall, lofty, multi-columned, timber canopies that formed the entrances of traditional Persian garden palaces.

While the layout of the garden is undeniably Persian in origin, the naturalistic drifts of planting are developed from the traditional English herbaceous border where the proposed planting has an informal, meadow-like character, drawing the eye across swathes of colour and texture.

The project will be constructed during 2016 - 2020.

© Tom Stuart-Smith Ltd
© Tom Stuart-Smith Ltd